Educational videos on the coronavirus in African languages

As the coronavirus sweeps across the globe, African countries are bracing themselves for grave consequences. There are staggering estimates and it is clear, the coronavirus outbreak is no longer a threat but now a reality which the continent must deal with, united. A major challenge faced is misinformation — about lines of transmission of the virus, immune-boosting remedies and even probable cures. This is exacerbated by the language barrier that exist between communities, countries and regions in Africa, which makes it hard to desiminate standardised messages.

We, at Ndatara, have as a solution started to put together educational videos in a number of Africa dialects and languages to help educate and inform. So far, we have done translations to Zulu, Amaric, Oshiwambo, Herero, Kiswahili, Setswana and Rukwangari. These videos are accessible on our Youtube channel. We also welcome suggestions for more languages to translate.