Study on rail transport and dryports in Namibia

Ndatara will be part of a study that assesses the take up of rail transport in Namibia. The study is conducted by MSc Students at the University of Namibia: Thomas Kapofi and Robert Hoeseb.

The survey is meant for any company or individual who dispatches freight along the Trans Cunene, Trans Caprivi and Trans Kalahari Corridor (from Walvisbay) in Namibia. This includes: shippers or consigners (including occasional small time shippers and frequent shippers such as major retailers), manufacturers and wholesale or retailers of goods freight forwarders, importers, exporters, shipping agents, and managers in charge of logistics. The survey involves answering general questions regarding the selection of a transport mode for transporting freight in Namibia. It is expected to take about 15 to 20 minutes to complete.


  • Improve the understanding of logistics and freight mode choice decisions in Namibia.
  • To identify the factors involved in mode choice decision in freight transport, and.
  • To improve the understanding the decision made by shippers with regard to dry-ports.

The survey is accessable at the following link: Freight mode choice in Namibia